WE Projects

WE Teach Authenticity

In our Authentic Soul Power, we create projects and situations that embody what we teach by moving all our beliefs and dreams into real time

Here is a platform for our students and others to participate in.

Please choose the advocacy/project you feel closest to. Your heart comes fully alive through Seva (selfless service). This effort will root your personal practice into real time and reflect the strength of your yogic & prayer practice:

Each project that has 5 or more sign-ups will come to life as we cultivate & foster comm-unity between us:

  1. Feed & Read the Dogs/Cats
  2. Seniors Day: Meditation & Entertainment
  3. Spend time with Disabled: Games, Yoga, Meditation
  4. Be a Sister/Brother to Orphans
  5. Teach the Youth in impoverished areas

“If you’ve come to help us, even though we invited you here,
don’t waste your time. But if you know your liberation is bound up with ours,
then let’s work together.” – Achaur People



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