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Anam Cara (Soul Friend) Manila is a home Shala open to yoga teachers and healers. An intimate home studio, it is an answered prayer to hold space for a yogic and meditation practice.

It is our intention to build a community that supports holistic wellness through understanding the Truth, utilizing the yogic technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation by Yogi Bhajan.

Our prayer is that you realise the power you have in your voice; that you use this power and the sound of your voice to influence the world around and the world inside; that you spend time each day speaking, singing and chanting with joy, and use this unique human capacity to become uniquely humane. In dark times, don’t add to the darkness … be the Light.” – #GuruSingh

It has become our purpose to bring forth the light. Our mission to create a sacred space for healing, elevating consciousness in ourselves through deeply connecting to our Soul.

It is to be a “Soul Friend” to those who are called to deliver yogic technology to help communities elevate consciousness in this generation, affecting all generations to come. It is a birthing place for healing arts practitioners, yogis, teachers and seekers.

I #know that having a #community of likeminded people is the fastest way to work out our issues as we get strong and enlightened together.

Every thing begins with each one of us. I’ve invested most of what I have into @anamcaramanila as my good faith in the necessity of forming an aliance as we come from darkness into light.

This dream needs your help so we can gain traction and continue to remain open for a little over a year.

Please click on this link: https://gogetfunding.com/anam-cara-manila-co-create-our-future-community/

To show your support. Thank you and bless you😍

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Come and join the community.

Only You, can breathe for You Only You can ..
Love all of who you call yourSelf” –



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